This year we produced 5 short films in 4 months: THE LAST CASE, our 2014 48-hour film project entry; EMMA’S QUEST, our entry for the Filmulate FilmQuest Express competition that was part of Fantasy Con 2014 placed 3rd; DARKER SIDE OF THE MOON; BABY TALK; and SEA MONKEY DO, part of the Salt Lake Comic Con Film Festival Filmulate Vortex competition.  EMMA’S QUEST, DARKER SIDE OF THE MOON,and THE LAST CASE were selected to be part of the Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 Film Festival.

THE LAST CASE is about Scarlet Bell who enters retiring private detective Richard ‘Rick’ Crane’s door requesting his assistance in solving her husband’s death, complications arise causing a change in Rick’s plans.

EMMA’S QUEST–After having nightmares about the monster under her bed, Emma is forced to face her evil fears with the evil monster.

DARKER SIDE OF THE MOON and is about Hemmet and a visit from an unusual stranger who gives Hemmet the opportunity to change a few things in his life.

BABY TALK–Amelia wants a baby more than anything else in the world, but her husband Scott says no. On their tenth anniversary, each one has a little surprise for the other.

SEA MONKEY DO–When reporter Carol Booth investigates a chemical spill near Phrims Industrial plant, she uncovers a deadly plot to take over the world.


A BRIEF ROMANCE is another 48 hour film project Salt Lake City 2013.  Not only did we make it into the “Best of” 48 hour film project showing, we were awarded “Best use of Prop.”

ERIC’S CHOICE tells us about a teenager Eric, and how he learns the importance of fighting for what you believe in.


THE FALLS for the 48 hour film project Salt Lake City 2012 is now complete.


Desert Magnolia Productions